About Us

Shri. Binod Kanoria


The awards have been set up in honour of Shree Binod Kanoria, a Mumbai industrialist who loved children and books.

Why We Do What We Do

The love of language and literature has both aesthetic as well as functional importance. A beautiful word or a sentence that articulates a thought can give tremendous pleasure; at the same time exposure to language and literature sharpens almost all fundamental life and academic skills like critical thinking and reading comprehension.

Now more than ever it is important to encourage children to read and to introduce them to books that open up new worlds as well as help them make sense of the world around them.

In the past decade Indian children’s publishing has taken great strides in creating excellent world class content for children. However, there is limited awareness of these books and even less recognition for its creators.

The Binod Kanoria Awards for Children’s’ Literature that celebrates the best of original Indian children’s writing and illustration. The award recognises that high quality creative content for children has an important role to play in a child’s life. And that children’s literature is a unique and valuable space in the literary field that merits an exclusive award tailored specifically for this genre.

Children’s literature award with age appropriate categories

We are an award exclusively for children’s literature

cash prize to incentivise writers

We are offering a substantial cash prize to incentivise writers

English & Hindi Literature and aim to include more languages

We have awards for English & Hindi Literature and aim to include more languages